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Be Bold.

Be Brave.

Be Gritty.


Success Requires GRIT


We know it.  We teach it.  We build it.

We know everyone wants to do what’s best for children.  But what is best?  It depends on who you ask.  We get conflicting advice from every direction.  The one thing experts agree on is the necessity of grit.  The Grit Project is here to help with research-based curriculum and proven behavioral strategies.

Our Programs

Want to build grit in your kids?  We have a research-based program for you.  From preschool to high school, we introduce children to the building blocks of grit through active, engaging experiences. 

For Parents

We sift through the constant stream of information to deliver only the most accurate, relevant content for you.  Check out our blog – The Nitty Gritty – for updated perspectives, articles, and other resources.

About us

We come from different professions and work together to make kids gritty.  Learn about our take on grit, who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

We can do anything we want if we stick to it long enough.

–Helen Keller


Grit Parent Survey, July 2017

The Grit Project asked 115 parents a simple question -- How important is it that your children develop grit, a combination of resilience and perseverance?  The results are clear.  An overwhelming majority of parents believe grit is essential for their children.