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Each of our research-based programs teach the building blocks of grit:  growth mindset, goal directedness, and interpersonal effectiveness/EQ.  Through interactive and engaging activities, our Certified Grit Instructors breakdown grit in a way kids can really understand.  We have a program for wherever you are on your grit journey:

Program Grade Level Type of Program Type of Activity
Program Grit Jr. Grade Level Preschool Type of Program Physical Fitness Type of Activity Engaging in games and movement challenges
Program Grit Smart Grade Level Elementary Type of Program Cognitive Type of Activity Collaborating with others during hands-on problem-solving challenges
Program Grit Strong Grade Level Elementary Type of Program Physical Fitness Type of Activity Conquering physical fitness challenges
Program Grit Centered Grade Level Middle School Type of Program Mindfulness Type of Activity Strengthening mind/body connection to overcome personal challenges
Program Grit Adventures Grade Level High School Type of Program Cultural Type of Activity Expanding your comfort zone during service-oriented challenges

Grit Jr.

Want to get an early jump on grit for your preschooler?  Grit Jr. is for you.

Grit Smart

Want to focus on creative thinking and problem-solving skills?  Try Grit Smart. 


Grit Strong

Looking for a fitness-based program?  Grit Strong is perfect. 

Grit Centered

Or maybe you want your middle schooler to focus on relaxation and positive thinking.  In that case, Grit Centered is an excellent choice. 


Grit Adventures

Does your adolescent need to break free from their comfort zone?  Grit Adventures is just the ticket.